CMS7000 Patient Monitor

Patient monitor with large colour display

The CMS7000 is a high quality patient monitor with a complete range of measuring possibilities.

CMS7000 has a 12.1 inch TFT colour display and is adapted for bedside monitoring of adults, children and neonates.

CMS7000's standard configuration allows for monitoring of ECG (3 or 5 channel), NIBP, respiration, temperature, heart rate and saturation. Optionally CMS7000 offers 12 lead ECG, IBP and EtCO2 monitoring

CMS7000 can also be put in a network and offers the possibility to print out data.

cms6000Specifications CMS7000

  • 12.1"High brightness TFT LCD display
  • Portable, streamline handle design
  • Big figure display
  • ECG Waveforms of 7-lead displayed in one screen
  • 96-hour tabular and graphic trends & date storage
  • Compatible and self identify 3-lead and 5-lead ECG cable
  • NIBP dual Over Pressure Protection
  • Isolated floating, anti defibrillation protected and anti high-frequency interference

Standard parameter & configuration

  • 3/5 lead ECG
  • RESP
  • SpO2
  • NIMP
  • TEMP
  • PR
  • Network

Optional parameter & configuration

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