Central Monitor System Network

Patient Monitor Network

The Central Monitoring System is available for the patient monitors CMS6000, CMS7000 and CMS800G.


  • Networked to patient monitors
  • Optional dual-screen display
  • Up to 64 bedside monitors connectible
  • High-resolution display of 32 waveforms for 16 beds simultaneously with user selectable size
  • Review of the latest 720 alarm events for each bedside monitor
  • Review of the latest 6 minutes short trend and 240 hours trend for each bedside
  • Display of multi-lead ECG waveforms and S-T segment
  • 72-hour full-disclosure waveform store and review
  • Thermal recorder and optional laser printer
  • 10,000 history patient monitoring information
  • All-round system help information including operation guide of central monitor system and patient monitor
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