CardioFlex ECG WiFi

CardioFlex ECG WiFi is the wireless version of our star product CardioFlex ECG.

As with the classic CardioFlex ECG, all options are available for a full diagnostic ECG, with exercise tests also as an option.

The connection to the PC can be made via the supplied USB cable or via wireless WiFi technology.

CardioFlex ECG WiFi also has an Android app for taking ECGs on an Android tablet.

CardioFlex ECG WiFi has an internal rechargeable battery that allows hours of continuous ECG recordings.

CardioFlex ECG WiFi weighs only 160 grams (battery included!) and measures only 13cm x 7cm x 2.5cm!

Wireless ECG

ECG on mobile

Automatic interpretation with Seattle criteria

Link EHR

CardioFlex ECG wifi

CardioFlex ECG Software

The extremely user-friendly CardioFlex ECG software offers all options for general practitioners, sports doctors and cardiologists:

  • Snapshot recording (8, 16 or 32 seconds) or continuously (as long as you want)
  • Paper speed and amplitude adjustment
  • Validated automatic interpretation
  • Median complexes
  • Comparing different EKGs and medians
  • Filtering on 2 levels
  • Display of vector cardiogram
  • Various linking options with electronic medical records
  • Telecardiology
  • Link with WiPaM telemedicine platform

See the CardioFlex ECG USB page for detailed information, screenshots and an instructional video of the CardioFlex ECG software.

CardioFlex ECG wifi

Exercise ECG - Ergometry

  • Automatically powering treadmill or bicycle
  • Real-time display of median graphs and ST trend
  • Connection with blood pressure monitor or pulse oximeter
  • The complete report contains the complete route of each stage with ST trends, QRS trends,....

CardioFlex mobile application

CardioFlex ECG Wifi can connect to the free mobile app to take a 12-channel diagnostic ECG on any Android smartphone or tablet, running Android 5 or up: ideal for taking ECG's during house calls or patient visits!

ECG on smartphone

ECG on tablet

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