Blood Pressure Monitors

RDSM has a complete range of blood pressure monitors. We have devices of the highest quality that have been tested and approved by BHS, ESH and/or AAMI protocol.

URight TD3128
URight TD3128

URight TD3128 is a blood pressure monitor that can be connected to the TenSoft telemedicine software. The results can be sent to the wipam platform.
BP2 - BP and ECG
BP2 - Blood Pressure and ECG

BP2 is a combination of a blood pressure monitor and an ECG monitor. BP2 can be connected to a free Android or iOS app with Bluetooth.
Spot Check Monitor
Spot Check Monitor

Spot-Check Monitor measures blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen saturation in a single device, can be connected to a smartphone app with Bluetooth.
AirBP - Blood Pressure

AirBP is a small blood pressure monitor with wireless connection to an app on a smartphone. AirBP can be connected directly to CheckMe Health Monitor.
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