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Fingerpulse Pediatrics
Fingerpulse Oximeter Pediatrics

Fingerpulse pediatric oximeter is a simple pulse oximeter for children. Adapted for smaller fingers, it measures spo2 and heart rate.
Fingerpulse Oximeter
Fingerpulse Oximeter

Fingerpulse Pulse Oximeter is a small and very functional pulse oximetry device to measure SpO2 and heart rate. Fingerpulse is powered by 2 AAA batteries.
Wristpulse Oximeter

Wristpulse Oximeter is a pulse oximeter with the possibility to do continuous measurements for nocturnal pulse oximetry. Delivered with analysis software.
OxySmart Oximeter

OxySmart is a fingertip pulse oximeter for spot measurements of SpO2 and heart rate. It has Bluetooth and can connect to a free smartphone app.
Pulse Oximeter 60C

The 60C pulse oximeter with interchangeable probe is suited for adults, children and neonates. 60C pulse oximeter has a memory and software.
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