Patient Monitors

RDSM offers a complete range of patient monitors.

Click on a monitor to see the details.

PM50 Patient Monitor

PM50 is a 24 hours blood pressure monitor that can also be used as a patient monitor with the optional pulse oximetry probe. With PC analysis software.

TD2300 is a portable patient monitor for monitoring vital signs: blood pressure, ECG, glycemia, SpO2 and temperature. TD2300 weighs only 2,5 kilograms.
Patient Monitor CMS6000

CMS6000 Patient Monitor with 8.4 inch LCD screen. Measures nibp, spo2, ecg, rr, temp and optionally ibp and etco2. With optional printer.
CMS7000 Patient Monitor

Patient monitor CMS7000 - large 12 inch LCD display. Monitoring of vital signs (HR, ECG, blood pressure, respiration) and can be connected in a network.
Fetal Monitor CMS800G

CMS800G is a fetal monitor for 1 or 2 fetuses. The device monitors FHR1, FHR2, TOCO and fetal movements and can be connected in a network.
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