Telemedicine Projects

WiPaM is used in a large number of projects and studies. A view of our portfolio:

Asthma trial

telemedicine clinical trial

For a clinical trial with universities in five European countries RDSM developed a smartphone app to read the results from a wireless pocket spirometer. The app is also used to answer a questionnaire. The results are automatically transmitted to the WiPaM telemedicine platform. The physicians that follow the patients can program alerts so that they are notified in case of problems.

Questionnaires for intake and follow-up visits were also included.

Blood results and genetic analysis results were also made available online.

The trial leader was able to download the complete trial results on a daily basis and in real-time.

COPD Screening

In a trial with a Belgian and a Russian university COPD screening using a spirometer and several questionnaires was performed in 3.000 people in 17 Russian centers.

The results were made available anonymously and could be downloaded in real-time by the trial leader.

Telemedicine in an ambulance

In cooperation with a Belgian university we developed a system to monitor patients inside a moving ambulance. A bidirectional video-link between patient and doctor was available.

Test results from devices in the ambulance were sent in real time and were shown to the physician in the hospital.

telemedicine ambulance

Telemedicine oil rig

For a project in the Persian Gulf the WiPaM platform was used to transmit medical information from oil rigs to the university hospital. A trained employee would take the medical tests and send them to the web platform. A videolink was also provided.

telemedicine oil rig

WiPaM Fit - telerehabilitation

In cooperation with a university in Brussels we developed a link between WiPaM and a stationary bicycle for rehabilitation. The home trainer's data are sent to a tablet PC that uploads the results to the WiPaM server.

wipam fit


In cooperation with SKa (the Flemish association for sports physicians) RDSM developed the website for screening of sudden death in athletes.

The questionnaires can be filled out by athletes and sent to the physician.

The physician is able to transmit ECG and spirometry data to the online medical record and refer the patient to a cardiologist if needed.

WiPaM Mobile

WiPaM Mobile

RDSM developed the WiPaM Mobile app that can connect to wireless medical devices (spirometer, blood pressure monitor, blood glucose monitor, pulse oximeter, weight scale), allow patients to fill out questionnaires and send the results to the WiPaM telemedicine platform.

Physicians can program alerts for every patient and on every parameter for a configurable time frame. In case of problems the physician will be notified by email or text message to his phone.

Several adapted versions were used in clinical trials for different pathologies.

JS SportsECG

js sportsecg

RDSM developed the android version of the JS SportsECG app, an iOS application developed by Professor Dr. Hein Heidbuchel (University and Heart Center Hasselt), former chairman of the education committee of the European Heart Rhythm Association (European Heart Rhythm Association, EHRA) and the Department of Sport Cardiology of the European Society of Cardiology (European Society of Cardiology, ESC).

The application is designed to educate physicians, students and paramedics in the specialized subject of ECGs in athletes. The app aims to make users aware of the characteristics of athletes ECGs, based on the Seattle criteria. The Seattle criteria were drawn up to show the suitability test athletes higher reliability (more sensitive but with fewer false positives) in the assessment of the risk of sudden death during sports.The application can be downloaded at:



Our app SpiroQuiz is an application to train your spirometry skills.

A short introductory course on spirometry is available in the app. The app will show you different sets of spirometry loops and values and lets you decide on the diagnosis.

SpiroQuiz is intended for healthcare professionals and students.

SpiroQuiz is available on Google Play.


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