Telemedicine Network

wipam netwerk

A WiPaM network is an extension of the WiPaM concept: not only the data measured in the patients' home are sent to the WiPaM server, but also medical data from the physicians office, like data from their medical devices, are sent automatically to the WiPaM server.

This network between patients, general practitioners and specialists is beneficial for everybody. Patients are assured of a reassuring and reliable follow-up, while physicians have an excellent communication tool and can check the medical tests that are performed by their colleagues and see the results of these tests.


Most of our medical devices can be connected to the WiPaM server.

A few examples:

spirometry network

Spirometry Network:

Patients are equipped with a homecare spirometer that sends the spirometry tests to the WiPaM server (telespirometry). General practitioners have an office spirometer and send the trials performed with this device to the WiPaM server. The pulmonary specialist can consult all these data and can upload additional test data. The general practitioner can consult both the homecare data and the specialists' comments and test results.

hypertension network

Hypertension Network:

Patients take their blood pressure with a blood pressure monitor. The physician has an ABPM. All the results are uploaded to the WiPaM server to be consulted by every health care professional involved with the patient's care.

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