SP80-BT Spirometer

The spirometer SP80-BT is an electronic pocket spirometer that registers the most important values ​​of the lung function.

The device was developed for monitoring people with lung disorders at home.


SP80-BT can be linked via bluetooth to an android app for monitoring a patient remotely.

The results are sent from the app to the WiPaM telemedicine platform.

Features SP80-BT

sp80 spirometer
  • Homecare for adults and children
  • Displays the results on the spirometer screen
  • Measure the most important values ​​of the lung function.
  • Displays the flow-volume and volume-time curve on the screen
  • Internal lithium battery rechargeable via wall socket or USB port

Measured parameters

  • FVC: forced vital capacity - total exhaled volume
  • FEV1
  • FEV1-ratio
  • PEF: peak expiratory flow
  • FEF25: the flow rate after 25% of the expired volume
  • FEF75: the flow rate after 75% of the expired volume
  • FEF2575: the average flow rate between 25% and 75% of the expired volume
  • flow-volume curve
  • volume time
  • trend graph
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