ECG Devices

Our range of electrocardiography devices are used in cardiology, general medicine, occupational medicine and sports medicine.

RDSM also offers a other cardiology products, like blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters and everything for stress testing (ergospirometry, ergometry bikes).
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Cardiology devices - ECG

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CardioFlex ECG
CardioFlex ECG - Stress EKG

CardioFlex ECG: 12-channel ECG with validated interpretation software. CardioFlex ECG can perform an exercise stress ECG and van be conencted in network.
CardioFlex ECG WiFi
CardioFlex ECG WiFi

CardioFlex ECG WiFi is the wireless version of CardioFlex ECG. This 12-lead electrocardiography device connects wirelessly to a PC or smartphone app.
ECG 300G
ECG 300G

ECG300G is a 3-channel ECG device with diagnosis. The device has a color screen and built-in printer and can be linked to a PC with software.
ECG Holter
Cardiac Holter TLC5000

Cardiac Holter TLC5000 12-lead ECG Monitoring System: PC based cardiac holter recorder for 24 hour ECG registration with software for analysis on a PC.
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