RDSM offers a unique range of spirometers.

All our diagnostic spirometers are equiped with a temperature sensor. The spirometry results are automatically adjusted to BTPS standards and our spirometers do not require calibration.

Whether you need a diagnostic or a stand-alone spirometer, a home-care, a telespirometer or a simple pocket spirometer , you'll find it here!

We are very active in the field of telemedicine. For telespirometry solutions, please visit our WiPaM pages.


All of our spirometers are listed below. Click on the image or name of the spirometer to get more information on it.


SpiroConnect is a diagnostic spirometer with vertical turbine for unprecedented precision. The spirometer can be connected wirelessly to a PC or smartphone.
SP80-BT Spirometer

SP80-BT is a Bluetooth spirometer that measures key spirometry parameters and flow-volume curve and can be connected wirelessly to the WiPaM app.

VO2Master - affordable ergospirometry for sports physicians, personal trainers and athletes. VO2 Master is used in the field with an app on a smartphone.
Spirometry Accessories

Spirometry accessories: mouth pieces, nose clips, antibacterial/antiviral spirometry filters and calibration syringes for all brands of spirometers.

Spirometry is more valuable in predicted premature death following a heart attack, than an ECG

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