Watchhaler - Paediatric Inhalation Chamber

watchhalerToday, aerosol therapy for children and patients with a poor coordination is not a reliable application method, if conventional hand held devices like MDIs or DPIs are used. Especially for children, only an optimal flow rate can lead to a satisfactory particle deposition within the lung, because most aerosol devices are not developed for children. The particle size produced by these devices is too big for an efficient aerosol delivery to the children's lungs.

To make aerosol therapy more efficient, it is essential to use a low inhalation flow rate during inspiration of the aerosol in order to avoid most of the aerosol depositing in the extra thoracic airways. But many patients could not inhale on their own with a slow inspiration flow rate combined with an inhalation volume that is deep enough.

Additionally, for physiotherapists and parents it is often not obvious whether the inhalation was performed as it should. With our SCID inhalation system, that works combined with conventional MDIs, the inspiration flow rate is mechanical controlled and the inhalation volume is limited by a balloon. By watching the balloon during inspiration for physiotherapists and parents it is obvious, whether the inhalation was performed well.


  • Continuous inhalation flow controlled by a mechanical valve (patented)
  • Limitation of inhalation volume by a balloon
  • High intra thoracic deposition Reproducible dosage
  • Pure mechanical driven, no electronics
  • Visual control of inhalation

Simple inhalation in three steps




1. Filling:
The mdi canister is put on the mouth piece and is actuated.

2. Inhalation:
During inspiration, the deflation of the balloon can be seen.

3. Complete:
The totally deflated balloon shows the successful breathing.

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