Spirolab 3

Spirolab III is a stand-alone spirometer that can be connected to a PC with the included winspiroPRO software. This provides the possibility to perform spirometry testing with spirolab 3 directly on PC.

Spirolab 3 has a large memory of thousands of testsand a unique complete alphanumeric keyboard.

Optionally Spirolab III can be connected to a pulsoximeter.

Specifications Spirolab III

Spirolab 3
  • No calibration
  • FVC, VC, IVC and MVV
  • Batteries or electric socket
  • Grafic colour display
  • Integrated printer
  • Automatic interpretation
  • Automatic quality control
  • Thousands of tests in memory
  • F/V-curve in real time
  • Spirolab III weighs only 1,9 kg
  • Choice of different predicted values (ERS, Crapo/Bass, Knudson,...)
  • PC on-line / winspiroPRO software
  • 30 parameters, among others the FEV6, FEV1/FEV6% and Inspiratory Capacity

imed spirolab2 Currently Spirolab 3 is the only spirometer to receive the I-Med label granted by CIVA. This I-MeD label guarantees a bi-directional communication between both electronic patient management system and medical devices bearing the label. After the input of patient data in the electronic patient management system (name, first name, birthday, sex and ID nr), these data are automatically imported in the Spirolab 2 software while ordering a spirometry. After the trial the most important parameters, their predicted values and the interpretation as well are stored in the patient management system.

Spirometry is more valuable in predicting premature death from heart attack than the ECG

Thomas L. Petty

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