Factors associated with mortality after an asthma admission: A national United Kingdom database analysis.

Respir Med. 2007 Apr 24;
Watson L, Turk F, James P, Holgate ST. Phimap, Adelphi Mill, Bollington, Cheshire SK10 5JB, UK.

BACKGROUND: Lack of a United Kingdom (UK) fatal asthma registry has resulted in few recent analyses regarding patient characteristics, co-morbidities, and admission type in relation to mortality post an asthma admission. This study aims to report these factors in addition to season of event for the years 2000-2005 to provide data regarding asthma burden in the in-patient hospital setting.

METHODS: Data were analysed from the CHKS database collated from UK National Health Service data providing 70% of in-patient coverage in the UK. Patients with admissions under ICD-10 codes J45 "Asthma" and J46 "acute severe asthma" were included. Codes for associated co-morbidity at time of admission were identified, as well as month of admission and death, age, gender and length of stay

RESULTS: The mortality rate over the 5-year period was 1063 patients from 250,043 asthma admissions (0.43%). Critical care mortality was far higher and an annual rate indicated that for every 100,000 admissions 2878 (95% CI 2091;3857) patients died. Respiratory infection, cardiovascular disease and diabetes were common co-morbidities for all admissions. December and January had the peak number of deaths post asthma admission which were nearly all in adults, death being rarer in children. Women and those over 45 years had the highest rate of death which may reflect asthma prevalence.

CONCLUSIONS: Co-morbid conditions experienced by older asthma patients may contribute to mortality post an asthma admission and greater understanding of risk factors contributing to fatality are required.

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