Viable Investigations and Real-Time Recitation of Enhanced ECG-Based Cardiac Telemonitoring System for Homecare Applications: A Systematic Evaluation

Telemedicine and e-Health. April 2013, 19(4): 278-286. doi:10.1089/tmj.2012.0180. S. Palanivel Rajan and Sukanesh Rajamony.

A light and portable wireless biosignal retrieving system has always been a medical dream. This proposed wireless-type biosignal alerting system aims at designing and developing a module that detects the abnormal interpretations in the PQRST complex (electrocardiography) and heart rate of a patient in advance, gives a self-warning ring to the patient, and also sends a short message service warning to the doctor's mobile phone through the Global System for Mobile Communication. This system is a solution to supplement the limitations in conventional clinic examination such as the difficulty in capturing rare events, out-of-hospital monitoring of patients' heart status, and the immediate dissemination of the physician's instruction to the patient. These study results have immense consequence in researching, finding, and preventing epidemics in the cardiovascular system for the entire world.

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