Strict glycemic control and mortality risk among US adults with type 2 diabetes.

J Diabetes Complications. 2011 Sep-Oct;25(5):289-91 Davila EP, Florez H, Trepka MJ, Fleming LE, Niyonsenga T, Lee DJ, Parkash J. Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, Miami, Florida 33136, USA.

OBJECTIVE: To assess the relationships between strict HbA1c levels and mortality risk among adults with type 2 diabetes by age, insulin therapy, and hypertension comorbidity.

METHODS: Data of adult participants with type 2 diabetes from the third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (1988-1994) and its linked mortality file (with follow-up death up to 2000) were used.

RESULTS: Having strict glycemic control (i.e., HbA1c ≤6.5%) was associated with a lower risk of mortality (hazards ratio=0.69; 95% confidence interval=0.48-0.98). However, among those with strict glycemic control levels, statistically significant results were not found.

CONCLUSION: Reaching strict glycemic control levels in the general US population with type 2 diabetes appears to be associated with lower mortality. Further research is needed as to how strict glycemic control affects certain diabetic groups.

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