Diagnostic Spirometer

SpiroTube is a diagnostic spirometer with PC software. The SpiroTube spirometer is connected to the PC with a USB or wireless Bluetooth connection and has an internal rechargeable battery.


SpiroTube uses ultrasound to measure flow. This offers great advantages over the classical measurement: there is no calibration required (allthough calibration is possible), there are no moving, mechanical parts and no expensive replacement parts. SpiroTube automatically corrects for BTPS values.

Spirometry Software

Using SpiroTube's software FVC, VC, MVV and Post Medication spirometry tests can be measured. The software can distinguish between 14 different diagnoses. A quality report is generated after every test. Different authors of predicted values can be chosen, like ERS93 (ECCS) and ATS.

Trend graphs can be shown for all spirometry parameters for an optimal follow-up of patients.

Incentive spirometry is possible for children.

The software offers several interfaces for communication with electronic medical records.

SpiroTube Specifications

  • No calibration required
  • Ultrasonic measurement: no moving parts
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • PC connection via Bluetooth or USB
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection to PDA or GSM
  • Robust design
  • Link with electronic health record possible

Measured Spirometry Parameters

  • FVC
  • FEV1
  • FEV1/FVC
  • PEF
  • FEF25-75%
  • FEF25%
  • FEF50%
  • FEF75%
  • FET
  • FEV0.5
  • -FEV0.5
  • FEV0.5/IVC
  • FEV0.5/FVC
  • FEV1/IVC
  • MTT
  • FIVC
  • PIF
  • FIF25-75%
  • VC
  • IRV
  • ERV
  • TV
  • Respiratory Rate

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