Otthon Spirometer

Homecare Spirometer

Otthon is a homecare spirometer with large internal memory, a built-in rechargeable battery and a large, high resolution touch screen. Otthon was developed for homecare: with the Otthon spirometer patients can measure spirometry tests in their homes.

Otthon is available with a wireless Bluetooth connection for telemedicine: the patient blows in the spirometer that is connected to the mobile phone wirelessly. After the spirometry test, the results are transmitted automatically to the WiPaM server, where they can be reviewed by every health care professionnal that has been given access to the patients file.

othon telespirometer

Otthon Specifications

  • No calibration required
  • Ultrasonic measurement: no moving parts
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • PC connection via Bluetooth or USB
  • Large, high-resolution touch screen (320X240 pixels - 16 million colours)
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection to PDA or GSM (optional)
  • Automic sending of spirometry tests via mobile phone
  • Large internal memory of thousands of spirometry tests
  • Otthon spirometer can give voice feedback after each test
  • Robust design
  • Free JAVA software for spirometry on GSM or PDA
  • Possibility to add questionnaires that appear on the devices screen (eDiary)
  • ATS/ERS and NLHEP interpretation
  • Choice between different predicted values
  • Direct connection to printer possible

Measured Spirometry Parameters

  • FVC
  • FEV1
  • FEV1/FVC
  • PEF
  • FEF25-75%
  • FEF25%
  • FEF50%
  • FEF75%
  • FET
  • FEV0.5
  • -FEV0.5
  • FEV0.5/IVC
  • FEV0.5/FVC
  • FEV1/IVC
  • MTT
  • FIVC
  • PIF
  • FIF25-75%
  • VC
  • IRV
  • ERV
  • TV
  • Respiratory Rate

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